The 1650 XO Brass Double Horn
The 1650 XO Brass Double Horn
The1634 Tenor Trombone
The1634 Tenor Trombone
The XO Brand - Designed for Excellence
The XO Brand - Designed for Excellence

XO Arts

This horn is consistently warm sounding and easy to play on both sides of the instrument, making it the best new double horn option out there.
- Jennifer Kummer, XO Artist
"The XO 1634 is a groundbreaking instrument, combining that classic sound with a lightweight feel and a quick, free-blowing response, facilitating an ease of playing like no other horn of its kind."
- John Fedchock, XO Artist & 1634 Developer
"XO Trumpets are designed to deliver a gorgeous sound with an even register. This evenness allows me to play very efficiently, keeping clarity of tone and brilliance all the way through the most demanding performances."
- Steve O'Connor, Presidio Brass
I'm a huge fan of the XO euphonium. The tone, pitch, and ergonomics are fantastic and allow me to do what I need to do without having to fight the instrument. It's the best pro horn I've played.
- Lance LaDuke


#Repost @bdeshlermusic ・・・ On today’s episode of “ can I play what I assign my students?”, here is Etude 4 “Staccato Tonguing” from the E.F. Goldman book. In this I’m thinking about keeping the line moving, an easy response with great flow, and hardiness of sound in all registers. Happy practicing connorgregz! #xobrass
John Fedchock will be performing and teaching throughout Ohio starting next week! #xobrass
Educator Greg Snyder talks about the features of the XO 1651 Kruspe Wrap Double Horn and why it is the ideal horn for students. #xobrass
XO artist John Fedchock is doing an online clinic for Artist Access on November 12. Click the link below for more info! #xobrass